diagram di‧a‧gram [ˈdaɪəgræm] noun [countable]
a drawing or plan that shows where something is, what it looks like, or how it works:

• See the attached diagram for details on current market projections.

• a diagram of the electrical system

ˈblock ˌdiagram
a diagram that shows the relationship between the parts of a system, process, machine etc. The diagram consists of a series of shapes such as squares or circles
ˈfishbone ˌdiagram also Ishikawa diagram [ˌɪʆɪˈkɑːwə ˌdaɪəgræm] , ˌcause and efˈfect ˌdiagram
a drawing that is used for finding the most likely causes for a problem or an unwanted effect
ˈscatter ˌdiagram STATISTICS
a diagram that shows the relationship between two sets of quantities using dot S (= small points) drawn between two lines, one going up and one going across, each representing one of the quantities

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diagram UK US /ˈdaɪəgræm/ noun [C] GRAPHS & CHARTS
a drawing that explains how a system, machine, process, plan, etc., operates or is organized: »

As the diagram shows, a complex arrangement has been designed to balance French, German, and Spanish interests.

draw (sb) a diagram of sth »

The mechanic drew me a diagram of the brake balance.

See also BLOCK DIAGRAM(Cf. ↑block diagram), CAUSE AND EFFECT DIAGRAM(Cf. ↑cause and effect diagram), FISHBONE DIAGRAM(Cf. ↑fishbone diagram), FLOW DIAGRAM(Cf. ↑flow diagram), ISHIKAWA DIAGRAM(Cf. ↑Ishikawa diagram), SCATTER DIAGRAM(Cf. ↑scatter diagram)

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